Lufthansa Suddenly Ends Conservation Support For Their Heraldic Animal The Crane After 26 Years


In a surprise move Germany’s Lufthansa has announced that it would cease their donations to the national crane conservation, Lufthansa’s graceful heraldic animal which they supported for 26 years.

The sudden decision will cause the conservation fun to lose one third of it’s annual budget, causing concerns of how to apply their efforts in the near future.

For 26 years the airline which carried the animal on it’s planes and company logos since inception has supported the conservation of the crane, recently with 150,000 Euro per year.

Now the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung (see here) reported that Lufthansa will cease their donations entirely by the end of 2017.

Lufthansa has sent an official letter to the organization, announcing the withdrawal from the engagement and that the company would adapt a new strategy, focused more on humanitarian projects and social themes.

Apparently it’s easier to use social causes focused on humans as part of a marketing campaign rather than having the birds that… well, are birds without voices or faces.


I’m not sure that cutting a 150,000 EUR annual donation from a decade long engagement to zero in a matter of a few months leaves a rather bad taste. A large corporation such as Lufthansa that is engaged in multiple social projects at the same time (you can access their corporate website related to their projects here).

Personally I feel cutting ecological engagements such as this in favor of solely humanitarian projects sends the wrong message, especially by an airline (let’s face it – we do plenty of ecological damage by flying around all year long). The right thing to do would have been to maybe reduce the sums of financial support year by year instead of withdrawing all at once. Supporting your own heraldic animal is usually good press, I wonder why Lufthansa is trying to undo all this?

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