Fabulous Fridays: New Brand Name Luggage From The Premium Outlet At Large Discounts


This weeks Fabulous Friday is about purchasing new luggage items at various Premium Outlets available as well on online sales, offering large discounts over the average retail price.

I’ve been on the lookout for new carry on baggage and after doing plenty of research I was lucky when popping into the Tumi Outlet at the Las Vegas Premium Outlets (North).

This is the second Tumi suitcase I have purchased at one of the U.S. Premium Outlets with the first one being 6 years ago and now this one.

While I have purchased plenty of baggage at regular price before there are plenty of opportunities to save big especially when it’s about expensive brands such as Tumi or Briggs&Riley, even Samsonite (some of which are pretty expensive).

If you live in the U.S. or visit there on occasion maybe you have visited the Premium Outlets before (see here). They have locations all over the country and most large brand names are represented there. On top of their already reduced prices there are often sales and coupons available.

Yesterday I visited the Premium Outlet in Las Vegas and made a purchase at Tumi (see their store information here) at 50% off tag price.

I’m generally satisfied with the Tumi products and even though I also had a look at Briggs and Riley this time I think I pretty much prefer Tumi for it’s durability.

There were also plenty of products available online including on Ebay but International Shipping isn’t ideal due to import tax given that most of these products ship from North America.


It always pays to compare prices and doesn’t hurt to pop into an outlet near you if there is one. Yesterday I visited the Tumi, Samsonite and general luggage outlet. The prices in the brand stores were very good while the general store has pretty much retail prices but was offering a 10% discount per coupon.

You can also check out various online sales that are available. Keep in mind that the online coupons are often not applicable to the expensive brands such as Tumi, Rimowa or Briggs&Riley.