LATAM Pass Moves From KMS (Kilometers) To Miles On January 3, 2018

LATAM Pass is the frequent flier program for former LAN airlines (Chile, Argentina, Peru and Colombia) and is part of Oneworld. LATAM Brazil (former TAM) has its own frequent flier program called Fidelidade where members collect Multiplus points.

LATAM Pass KMS To Miles

LATAM Pass members have collected KMS (kilometers) and now this is changed to miles on January 3, 2018. LATAM Pass will divide all account balances by 1.6 as of that date and hopefully the number of miles required for awards as well.

You can access LATAM Pass page for this change in Spanish here.

Here’s an example from LATAM PASS:

LATAM Pass KMS To Miles Example


I guess that LATAM Pass is trying to make comparing earning and using KMS versus miles between various programs easier.

The KMS requirement has always looked higher but you have to keep in mind that at least theoretically you should have earned more of them too.

Interesting to see what will come out of this and if they try to bake in a mini devaluation.

Here are frequently asked questions (Google translate from Spanish):

What are the LATAM Pass Miles?

It is the name that will receive  the currency that you will use to make exchanges and accumulate  in the LATAM Pass program.

When will my balance be transferred to Miles LATAM Pass?

From January 3, 2018 you will  see your miles transformed into Miles LATAM Pass. Your mileage balance on January 1 and 2, 2018, will be displayed in miles on your statement from January 3.

How will you convert my accumulated mileage balance to LATAM Pass Miles?

The kilometers in your current balance  will be divided by 1.6 , taking into account that in case of obtaining a decimal number as a result will approximate the nearest higher integer. This way, you will not have any detriment during the change.

My balance in Miles will be less than in KMS. LATAM Pass?

It will look smaller, but  this transformation will be done on all products associated with kilometers , including your exchange of tickets and products. That is, if your balance in kilometers reached to redeem a certain destination, from January 3, 2018 this balance in miles will reach to redeem that same destination. 

If my ticket was purchased in 2017 but flight in 2018, do I accumulate kilometers or miles?

You will earn miles  using the conversion of 1.6 kilometers per mile.

If I request to credit a flight I made in 2017 but does not appear on my Statement in 2018, are miles or miles credited?

You will earn miles  using the conversion of 1.6 kilometers per mile.

How will I calculate the miles that I accumulate on flights from the oneworld alliance and associated airlines?

The form of accumulation will be maintained according to distance and class flown, but  calculated in miles .

Will the way to accumulate in partner stores and financial institutions change?

Our trading allies will also transform your form of accumulation into miles.  The new amounts will be communicated to you in a timely manner.

Will the expiration of my LATAM Pass miles change?

No,  the expiration of your miles will remain  as before.

If I make an exchange in 2017 and want to change it in 2018, how will the rate calculation be done?

The way you can request a change of fare is maintained , but the exchange value is converted in kilometers during 2017 in miles.

If I make a redemption in 2017 and want to return it in 2018, how many miles will I receive back?

The miles of your exchange will be transformed  using the conversion of 1.6 kilometers per mile . In case of obtaining a decimal number as a result it will approximate the nearest higher integer.

What are LATAM Pass Elite Miles?

They are  the KMS. LATAM Pass Elite , converted into miles.

How will the Elite Miles be calculated?

The Elite Miles will be calculated  based on the distance in miles you fly,  multiplied by a percentage that varies according to your type of cabin, fare family and the flight (national and international) you choose.

How will these changes affect my 2012 year renewal process?

Not affected , the rules will simply pass from KMS. Elite to Elite Miles.

How will these changes affect my qualification process for the year 2018?

Beginning January 1, 2018, you will begin to earn Elite Miles and Elite Dollars from scratch. If during that year you achieve the goals set , you can renew or maintain your category.

LATAM Pass Mall:

It is a market that will consolidate the entire range  of LATAM Pass products and services . Through this platform you can accumulate LATAM Pass Miles in the online purchases of our associated merchants. You can also redeem miles in a wide range of products like hotels, technology, giftcards and much more.

Exchange in hotels:

You can complete your trip, where in addition to flying, using your miles for stays in more than 100,000 hotels worldwide. 

Will LATAM Pass partners from any country be able to use this benefit?

Yes, as long as you have access to the internet to access the platform.

Are there only hotels in LATAM countries?

No, it is independent of LATAM’s network of destinations, so you can book hotel stays in most of the countries in the world.

Is there a minimum or maximum of nights?

The maximum of nights will be given for the balance of miles you have, but there is no minimum.

Do miles of stay accumulate miles?

No, being a swap of miles these do not deliver miles, as does the exchange of tickets.