Korean Air Pilot Strike October 1 – 7, 2017

Korean Air pilots have been engaging with the airline for two years on wage negotiations and will strike between October 1 – 7, 2017, unless an agreement is reach.

Korean Air Pilot Strike October 1 – 7, 2017

Under Korean labor law, 80% of the pilots must report to work on international routes, 70% in Jeju ones and 50% on domestic flights even during the strike period. Korean Air has not published any travel warning on its website about this potential strike.

Here’s an excerpt from Pulse News (access the entire piece here):

South Korea’s biggest full-service carrier Korean Air Lines Co. (KAL) said on Tuesday that it will mobilize all available resources to operate normal flight schedules despite the planned strike by its unionized pilots during the unusually long Chuseok holiday period next week.

“We will mobilize all available resources including foreign pilots to make sure passenger flights are not disrupted and ensure normal operations even if unionized pilots go ahead with the planned walk-out,” the carrier said in a press statement on Tuesday.

KAL’s management and its pilots have been in conflict over a wage hike for the last two years. Last Thursday, the pilots union threatened to go on strike from October 1 to 7 in protest to the wage dispute, saying that 390 pilots will participate.


There could be last minute delays and cancellation during the strike period even when the airline claims that it aims to operate full schedule.

These strikes always tend to take place during holiday periods when the flights are full and pilots could take some time off as well (and thus higher participation rate).

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