Lufthansa Will Use Boeing 747 Jumbo Aircraft To Service Frankfurt-Berlin Flights During November


With the ongoing Air Berlin insolvency and Lufthansa eventually taking over the prime pieces the airline they are now stepping up to the plate of offering more seats from Frankfurt to Berlin – with a Boeing 747!

During the month of November passengers have the option to book a B747 flight on most days which will especially interesting for Business Class customers as the plane obviously features a long haul seat.

The Frankfurt – Berlin route is usually being served by Airbus A320/321s which are still running all remaining flights on the city pair.

However as you can see when you price a flight specific flights, you can select the B747 operated ones if they suit your schedule.

In Economy Class I’d almost say it makes little to no difference in terms of comfort, if anything you’ll probably ending up being inconvenienced by a longer boarding time compared to a regular single aisle flight.

The flights will feature a Premium Economy cabin however that one isn’t being sold. I have checked multiple dates and for non-status passengers these seats are blocked out. Maybe Lufthansa Miles&More status customers are able to select those either in advance or on the day of check-in.


I wonder how long these flights will continue and if the impeding end of Air Berlin will have any impact on it, It’s not rare that long haul equipment is used intra Europe, mostly to help with pilot training but the Berlin-TXL route might indeed be a capacity choice. Especially during peak times the flights to Berlin are usually very busy.