IdeaWorks Hotel Reward Survey


IdeaWorks this week released their third survey that tries to measure the return of hotel loyalty points value that chains give out to program members.

Hotel Rewards Payback IdeaWorks

The survey results are not surprising. The big programs are roughly at the same level value wise and SPG is the worst.

Here’s the full study:

Download (PDF, 1.29MB)

You have to keep in mind that the survey didn’t take into account any possible elite bonuses and promotions that these chains run that would significantly alter the results. This is what I did few years back when I did similar study which I really should update.

And of course we only use points when it makes sense. This study, rightfully so, recorded the prices, number of points the traveler would earn and the number of points it would require for a free night to come up with the “Paypack” percentage.


I thought that it would be worthwhile to post this study so that readers could have a look at it and the methodology used.

Considering that these hotels pay 10% to 15% commissions to OTA’s, it shouldn’t be that difficult to offer loyalty program members better returns ala Wyndham Rewards by default (like they all did in the early 2000’s).

It has been on my ever expanding to do list to update the study that I did few years back that incorporated the bonus promotions that these have and elite bonuses too. The only problem is that some of these programs such as IHG nowadays mostly have targeted offers that make it more difficult.