Compensation Clinic: Awful Stay At The Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel & Chasing Promised Compensation Points


This week our Compensation Clinic makes a stop at the Sheraton Hotel Vancouver Airport where I had a one night stay that was anything but satisfactory.

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I have a somewhat difficult relationship with Sheraton properties as I consider them the most inconsistent brand of SPG and once again my booking for the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel resulted in a disastrous stay (the Westin was unfortunately sold out that day).

The property is located in a joint complex with the Marriott Vancouver Airport Hotel where I stayed many years ago and that was the reason why I somehow felt the Sheraton is familiar to me even though I’ve never stayed here before. It’s the same building style as the Marriott which is right next door. The entire structure is old and by that I mean OLD.

The daily rate for my stay was $456 CAD plus tax (insane!) or alternatively 7,000 SPG points. Needless to say I chose the points payment for this stay.

During the stay I encountered the following issues:

  • Toilet flooded with sewage upon entering the room
  • Woken up by hotel associate with extremely loud walkie talkie in the hall at 10:30pm
  • Elevators to Club Lounge of of service during breakfast hours due to construction
  • Housekeeping staff in the room, again waking me up from a nap at 10:15am

I hate being woken up by other guests and especially hotel staff under any circumstances but especially this time as I had a pretty bad flu I wanted to sleep off as much as possible. Why is housekeeping entering the room when the guest hasn’t checked out yet? This is something that so many hotels don’t get. Tell your housekeeping staff to check with the front desk if the guest has checked out yet. If not stay the hell away from that room and that includes the notorious ‘call and hang up’ probings.

Upon checkout I spoke to the manager and mentioned the collection of issues is entirely unacceptable. I was promised 6,000 SPG points to my Platinum account (I paid 6k) which I accepted. After 10 days these points still haven’t credited to the account so I wrote an email to the hotel saying that I simply don’t get how disorganized they are and that by now I’m requesting a 10,000 points credit due to the fact that I have to follow up again. In less than 24 hours the 10,000 points were credited to my account.

Why on earth is it necessary for the guest to follow up on something like this when the property already dropped the ball on so many different things? Do they hope the guest will just forget about it after leaving the property?


Hotels should follow up quickly when they promise a guest to compensate in whatever way and not wait until the customer (who was already upset) has to contact them again in order to chase what was promised more than a week prior. Of course at that point the initially promised compensation isn’t good enough anymore and has to be upped to a reasonable level.

Essentially I got my stay refunded with this plus a small points bonus. I totally fail to see though how this property can seriously charge customers several hundred $ to stay there. That’s simply mind boggling.