Reader Question: Extending Lufthansa Senator (Star Alliance Gold) Status For 2000 EUR Per Year – Is It Worth It?


We got an interesting Reader Question this week where one of you asked if it’s worth it to extend Lufthansa Senator status for a 2000 EUR cash payment.

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Lufthansa Miles & More Senator is the Star Alliance Gold level and requires 100,000 status miles over a one calendar year period after which the status is good for two years.

Lufthansa traditionally offers customers who don’t collect enough miles to extend their status to do so by making a 2000 EUR cash payment for one year. In addition the customer receives one eVoucher (can be used to upgrade one European short-haul segment, two vouchers are needed for a long haul upgrade).

Our reader Joseph has written to us asking if this could be a worthwhile offer to consider.

Hi guys!

Lufthansa has sent me a mailer offering to give me one more year Senator (gold) status for a price of EUR 2000.

I didn’t collect any miles with them this year, in fact I didn’t fly all that much and would lose all status by coming March if I don’t use this offer. Should I do it?

There is no easy answer to that. It all depends on how much you would use your status during the year to come. Also consider that the one eVoucher you receive isn’t going to do you any good except upgrading one of these ridiculous European Business Class flights.

Lufthansa doesn’t give you upgrades bases on status alone. Your benefits are limited to lounge access, Star Alliance Gold Benefits, Companion Awards and complimentary credit card in Germany.

In my opinion the following situations could make it worthwhile to just pay the 2000 EUR and keep the status:

  • You have many flights in Economy Class booked in cheap fare classes that won’t allow you to earn many status miles.
  • You have a large amount of Miles&More miles and want to use them for Swiss First Class and Companion awards.
  • 2000 Euro aren’t really that much money to you and you can easily afford it in order to keep the Gold Card in your wallet.

In my opinion Lufthansa Senator is worthwhile especially in situations where customer service is required such as the dozens of strikes Lufthansa had to deal with in the past years. The same goes for other irregular situations.


If you’re someone who has many (as in weekly) domestic and European flights in low fare classes then I’d say just pay for the Senator status and get it over with. Yes, it’s always a better way if you can extend your status by a so called ‘Mileage Run’ which is pretty much senseless flying just to collect miles. This usually requires a premium class ticket and those aren’t cheap either plus consider all the time involved.

Bottom line is the money/price: Can you afford it to blow 2000 Euro on a one year status? What are you getting back in return?