SPG 75 Extra Benefits: Fourth Starpoint + Your24


Over the weekend, I got one stay posted to my account from two weeks ago and it was my 75th night for the year with SPG that triggered the email below.

Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) 75 Benefits

SPG introduced several benefits few years ago for those that stay with the chain for more than 50 nights per year required for the Platinum status: SPG75 and SPG100. Both of these levels come with extra benefits.

You can access SPG’s web page for the SPG 75 benefits here.

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Here are the SPG 75 Benefits:

1. Fourth Starpoint

SPG members earn two Starpoints per USD charged for their stays. When you become Gold member, you will earn 50% bonus and 3 Starpoints per USD.

This is bumped to 4 Starpoints and essentially 100% bonus for SPG75 members over base earnings.

2. Your24

SPG75 You24

Your24, if approved by property, allows SPG75 members to choose the check in time and then check out 24 hours later. If the check in time is between 9AM – 4PM, the member can take advantage of the regular Platinum member guaranteed 4PM check out (not guaranteed at resorts/conference properties).

You can request 10PM check in and 10PM check out the following night.

Note that this is based on availability and hotel must confirm it. They may or they may not.

Here are drop down menus for requesting the You24 on the reservation screen:

Check In:

SPG75 You24 Requested Arrival

Check Out:

SPG75 You24 Requested Departure


The fourth Starpoint is a hard benefit but the Your24 is not. I would say that you chance of getting the property to confirm is probably fifty-fifty. Someone has to manually approve it that sometimes seems to be a challenge.

I have been SPG75 once previously at the same time when I was an Ambassador. Cannot recall if I took advantage of this facility even once.

Considering that we have almost three months left of 2017. It is more than likely that I will again hit 100 nights with SPG.

SPG Ambassador

I wasn’t too impressed with Ambassador service last time and wouldn’t make any extra effort to pass the number of nights to get one. The SPG promotions, however, are too good at the moment!

Here are the frequently asked questions about the You 24:

What is Your24?

  • SPG Members who qualify for Your24™ can request up to 48 hours prior to arrival any check-in time they like for an upcoming stay. If the request is confirmed, their check-out time will then be at that same time on their departure date. SPG Members checking in between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. are still eligible for late check-out where available. Requests are subject to availability; however, the SPG Member will be informed in advance of check-in whether the hotel can accommodate the request.Who qualifies for Your24?
  • SPG Platinum Members who reach 75 Eligible Nights with SPG during a calendar year will qualify for the Your24 benefit through the following subsequent calendar year. As soon as an SPG Platinum Member qualifies, he/she can begin making requests.Once I qualify for Your24, how can I request a specific arrival time for an upcoming stay?
  • Requesting Your24 is easy; when eligible arrival and departure times are selected on spg.com, a Your24 request will be processed. You may also contact any of our Customer Contact Centers to make a request as long as it is no later than two or more days in advance of arrival, local hotel arrival time.How will I be notified that my check-in time request has been approved?
  • You will receive an email update if your check-in time has been approved, so please be sure the email address on your account is updated.How often may I use this benefit?
  • Once you qualify for this benefit, there is no limit to the number of requests. You may request its use on every reservation for the period of time in which you qualify for Your24 benefits.For how many rooms may I use this benefit?
  • Your24 may only be used for one room, per stay, regardless of how many other rooms are booked under the SPG Platinum Member’s name for the same stay.Can I request an early check-in and a 4:00 p.m. late check-out?
  • If your arrival time is after 9:00 a.m., you will be eligible for 4:00 p.m. late check-out except at resort or convention hotels, where it is subject to availability.Will my room type be guaranteed if my check-in time has been approved?
  • While we will do our best to accommodate the original room type booked, we cannot guarantee your specific room will be available at early check-in with Your24. In the event the booked room type is not available for early check-in, we will still honor your early check-in request and provide you with a room and move you to your original room type when it becomes available.What happens if I change a reservation for which I’ve made a Your24 request?
  • If you make any changes to the reservation, and arrival and departure times met Your24 eligibility, an official request will be sent to the hotel and you will receive an email with the status of your request. Please call SPG Customer Support with any questions.