RANT: SPG Best Rate Guarantee Response Times Out Of Control?


SPG has Best Rate Guarantee program where they promise to match the lower price found on a competing site and either give you 2,000 Starpoints or an additional 20% off.

SPG Best Rate Guarantee

What I really like about the SPG’s BRG is that they don’t look at the cancellation policies at all and you can even do the match when the hotel is sold out on Starwood’s website. Also, if you are matching on different currencies, the difference must be more than 2%.

You can access SPG’s Best Rate Guarantee program here.

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SPG BRG’s department has traditionally been very good at processing claims. Usually getting back within 4 – 8 hours of filing the claim during weekdays.

When they have been backed up, it might have taken overnight or at max a day. If you have matched websites that have been in other language than English, the response time may have been bit longer.

Not sure what is going on right now? Has Marriott instructed SPG to cut down the number of employees working on the department or to sit on the claims for two days before actually starting to processing to hem?

Here’s an example:

I filed a Best Rate Guarantee on Friday at noon local time (11AM ET) for a stay on Sunday. I thought that I would hear back on Saturday but no.

It took SPG’s BRG team 54 hours to get back to me. Received response at 6PM local time on Sunday. I had already cancelled my reservation and booked another hotel.


I hope that Marriott would properly staff the SPG BRG team again OR make sure that they actually process these claims timely.

I replied to one earlier claim (had been processed, I had stayed, the stay had posted but the bonus points were missing) and received response within an hour while this claim was being processed for more than two days.

The SPG BRG program really spices up my SPG points earnings. More than third of my stays are BRG ones and I usually choose the bonus Starpoints option.