Whine Wednesdays: Credit Card Cloning


This weeks Whine Wednesday deals with annoying issue that most credit card holders face sooner or later; their account has been breached.

WW Fraudulent

While I was in Sao Paulo last week and tried to unsuccessfully withdraw cash from my credit card account, someone else had been using the same card number of times at the gas station in Atlanta.

Well. Obviously I had the card in my possession. I had only used the same card once in the past ten days or so (completely free cash withdrawals and they even reimburse the ATM fees).

The previous time was at the ATM in Santiago de Chile’s arrival hall where they must have had skimmer attached to the unit. I had used the same ATM banks numerous times during my previous visits to the country.

My bank knew that something fishy was going on and they had blocked the card. The transactions have already been reversed.


Couple of years back, I had two of my cards cloned in Brazil (read more here). This time only one in Chile. It is just annoying because I use this specific card for free cash withdrawals and I don’t necessarily get it back before the end of next month (my trips are never ending).

This reminds me of the case I wrote about the other week about the theft at the InterContinental ANA in Tokyo (read more here). One reader commented that they only travel with couple of credit cards. I would never ever suggest this. You never know when your card(s) could be compromised and you are suddenly without access to credit.

I guess that someone at the gas station in Atlanta was selling “discounted” gas to anyone willing to pay him/her in cash and then swiped the cloned card.