Iberia Plus (AVIOS) Status Match Promotion For Lufthansa Miles&More And Air Berlin Topbonus Customers Now Live!


Iberia Plus has joined the bandwagon of the status match race for the abandoned souls of Air Berlin Topbonus and also Lufthansa Miles & More as they just published a campaign on their German website,

Iberia Plus uses Avios as currency (same as British Airways Executive Club) and has another similarity, namely status tier system that works via tier points which are measured by distanced based zones.

Even though British Airways hasn’t joined the tier match circus yet their oneWorld partner Iberia now has (actually both airlines are owned by IAG) and it could just as well be a very worthwhile status to obtain and upkeep.

You can access the Iberia Plus Tier Match Campaign on the German website here (available in Spanish too but no English language option).

It invited customers that have Air Berlin Topbonus Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald Status as well as Lufthansa Miles&More members holding Frequent Traveller, Senator or HON Circle status to apply for a status match with Iberia Plus which will match them up to Iberia Gold (oneWorld Sapphire).

Topbonus Silver (oneWorld Ruby) and Lufthansa Frequent Traveller (Star Alliance Silver) may apply to be matched to Iberia Plata:

Topbonus Gold & Platinum members as well as Lufthansa Senator & HON Circle members are able to get a match for Iberia Oro (Gold) which is a oneWorld Sapphire status that comes with lounge access.

The tier match landing page isn’t exactly clear in it’s instructions as it prompts people to fill in an enrollment form and to send it to the tier match specific email address. You can certainly do so and if someone recommends you then you both can get 1000 Avios on top but you can just as well just enroll on the Iberia website.

In any case you need to send a picture of your valid Miles&More / Topbonus Status Card via email to ibpcampaign@iberia.es where the status match will be processed. The website also asks for the form but I can’t see any reason to send it if you’re already a member either with a fresh or previously existing account.

Furthermore I can’t see any specific terms and conditions for this campaign where it would outline until when the documents have to be sent, how long the matched status is valid for and if there is any residency requirement such as the applicant has to reside in Germany (the campaign is currently just loaded on the German country side).

It’s also relatively easy to upkeep Iberia Plus Gold (Oro) status for just 2,250 Elite Tier points and even upgrade to oneWorld Emerald (Platino) at 6,250 Tier points. You can access Iberia Plus Tier Points Earning table here.

Above table is for oneWorld partner flights. Business Class flights on routes of 3000 miles or longer for example earn between 500-600 Tier points per leg which is a pretty amazing number. Shorter flights however obviously earn less points and it depends how this plays into your calculation in order to obtain the 6,250 points for oneWorld emerald (Iberia Platino).

I always bumped up my BA tier points by flying the cheap Malaysia Airlines Business Class fares we frequently cover. Given that most of these are around 2000 miles they would earn 225 Iberia Points but 140 BAEC points with BAEC requiring 1500 for BA Gold (oneWorld emerald) and Iberia Plus 4x as much. I don’t want to get into a detailed comparison here but as you can see the numbers need to be compared and fitted to your usual flying pattern if Emerald is what you’re shooting for and you fly shorter flights. With long haul trips, especially if you have a 4 segment tickets for example on Qatar Airways it would be a cakewalk either way.


This is quite an attractive offer especially considering that Iberia will give you the Sapphire status outright while the previous match option of Finnair (we wrote about it here) only offered Ruby and a challenge to reach their Sapphire equivalent.

There might be more match opportunities coming but for now this is the best offer out there simple due to the fact of instant status with lounge benefits. I’m still not sold on the lack of details and T&C in regards to this campaign but that’s what we have to deal with for now.