SPG Best Rate Guarantee Response Time Update


Last week, I wrote (access here) how ridiculously long the SPG Best Rate Guarantee response times had become (more than two days). I made two claims late last week and had more positive experiences, however.

SPG Best Rate Guarantee Update

What I like SPG’s Best Rate Guarantee is that you don’t have to book the lowest rate (usually) but you can match different room types with ad ons such as breakfasts.

You can access SPG’s Best Rate Guarantee here.

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The rules for matching partner hotels that SPG categorizes Design Hotels, however, are bit different. You must book the lowest price that is available on SPG.com whether it is refundable or not.

As I was going to be in Copenhagen and wanted to check out the new Design Hotel in the city, I decided to check the BRG response times again.

Claim 1:


Took 20 hours to get response.

Claim 2:


Took 26 hours to get response.

And what was the site I matched to?

SPG BRG 2 Matched

DesignHotels’ own website had 50% off opening rate for “community” members that is basically open for all. Not sure if this rate plan is still available. Was there late last week.


I would like to see these SPG Best Rate Guarantee claims processed within few hours during the US business hours that used to be the case not that long time ago. At least it didn’t take more than two days that was the case the other week.

Perhaps, I write about something about this Nobis hotel after my second stay next week. I like the high ceiling and the location. Didn’t hurt that I received a junior suite upgrade.