Royal Jordanian Royal Plus Status Match (Only For Topbonus Members?)

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Royal Jordanian, Amman based Oneworld airline, has launched a new status match offer that appears to be open for members from other Oneworld programa only (makes very little sense that doesn’t mention Airberlin at all).

Royal Jordanian Status Match

You need to provide a boarding pass that shows the status with the competing airline with an account statement for the past 12 months. You also need to book a trip with Royal Jordanian and credit the flight to the program before the match is activated.

You can access this offer on Royal Jordanian’s website here.

Here’s the information that Royal Jordanian has up on their website:

Top Tier Status Match offered by Royal Jordanian, for Gold and platinum members and it is based on the following conditions:

  1. The frequent flyer member must be a current Elite member with the one world carriers valid for 12 months from the airline.
  2. A recent boarding pass that shows your current status must be provided.
  3. Provides a copy of the card and a statement of account for the past 12 months.
  4. Should register in the Royal plus program.
  5. Provides a booking and a ticket on Royal Jordanian; noting that the card upgrade and benefits would only be activated after the first trip with RJ.
  6. Status match will be granted once only for the same member.
  7. Member must achieve 20,000 miles within the first 12 months to keep the matched status, otherwise the card level will be demoted.
  8. To maintain the card level the member should accumulate the needed miles for the tier level according to RJ program rules.
  9. The processing and approval of each status match request is left at the sole discretion and judgment of Royal Jordanian Airlines.


I would probably go with some other Oneworld program that would provide a straight match. Also, it tend to be better to go with more established one that has more partners and is better covered, although smaller programs may have their advantages too.

The wording used on the match is weird likely due to the translation. Are they matching from other Oneworld airlines or Topbonus only?