Oneworld Status Match Opportunities For Airberlin Topbonus Members

Airberlin as an airline will close the shop this week. The last flight should operate this coming Friday. NIKI, the Austrian arm, will continue fly.


There are now several official matches from number of Oneworld airlines that are trying to get Topbonus elite members to match their status. Topbonus as a program may continue to exist as Etihad owns 70% of it. The most obvious choice would be for Etihad simply to merge it with their Guest.

Here are the current offers:

British Airways (read more here):

British Airways is giving Bronze status and 4,500 Avios to pretty much anyone in Germany at the present. You can get more bonus Avios if you fly four BA marketed and operated segments before the end of the year.

Finnair (read more here):

Finnair is matching to Silver status and offering Gold status to both Airberlin and Lufthansa Miles&More members.

Iberia (read more here):

Iberia is offering to match to their Gold status that maps to Oneworld Sapphire. This match also applies to Lufthansa Miles&More members.

Royal Jordanian (read more here):

Royal Jordanian may be open to match other airlines besides Airberlin based on the language that they use on their web page (don’t mention Airberlin at all).

S7 Airlines (read more here):

Siberia Airlines status match is interesting because they also match the S7 flights that you may have credited to Topbonus for the past 12 months.


Not sure if any of the Oneworld airlines really matches the need of former Airberlin Topbonus members. Simply having a look at the map of Europe explains the issue. Airberlin was in central Europe while all these matching airlines are located in the corners (or outside).

While they all may be able to provide long-haul flight connectivity, they simply are not solution for any German traveler trying to fly around within Central Europe. Connecting in London, Madrid or Helsinki simply isn’t an option