Hilton Honors Website For Weekend Getaways – Weekenders

Hilton Honors has a number of websites that we have covered here on LoyaltyLobby. There’s the one for Asia-Pacific deals (access here) and this one for Europe (access here) ano now Hilton has deals for Weekend Getaways across Hilton’s worldwide portfolio of hotels.

Hilton Honors Weekends Offer

This Explore website has quite a few city guides for Europe & Middle East and more in-depth information about area hotels compared to Hilton’s main one.

You can access Hilton’s Weekenders site here.

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Here are some searches that I made for:


Hilton Honors Weekends Offer Barcelona


Hilton Honors Weekends Offer London


Hilton Honors Weekends Offer Singapore

New York

Hilton Honors Weekends Offer New York

They have offers section that covers some rate deals that we have not written about here on LoyaltyLobby:

Hilton Honors Weekends Offer More

City guides:

Hilton Honors Weekends Offer Guides


Hilton’s separate website is worth having a look for the content they have put up and the Weekenders rates that you can pull up for the worldwide properties. I don’t believe that they have exclusive rates like the Asia-Pacific website does, however.

I like the fact that they have these separate sites that are used to better feature properties and give more in-depth information about the cities and destinations than the main booking site is not able to provide.