UPDATE: Marriott Rewards Infinite Points MegaBonus Brand Bonus Posting (Check Yours!)

Marriott Rewards run Infinite Points MegaBonus this past summer that was valid for stays between May 27 – September 4, 2017 (read more here). Members earned 2,000 bonus points for each stay and brand visited starting from the second stay andnbrand visited during the promotional period.

Marriott Rewards Infinite Bonus

The stay related bonus points posted with the stay itself and the brand bonuses were going to post 6 to 8 weeks after the promo period was over. The initial brand bonuses posted on October 13th (read more here) but many were missing points. Seems that Marriott has now had an additional sweep.

You can check your Marriott Rewards points activity here.

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Marriott stay/brand activity for this promotion:

Marriott Rewards Infinite Promotion Brand Bonus Stays

Initial brand bonus points:

Marriott Rewards Infinite Promotion Brand BonusUpdated brand bonus points:

UPDATE Marriott Rewards Infinite MegaBonus Brand Bonus Posting (Check Yours!)


So, you should manually audit the stays and number of Marriott brands you stayed at during the promotional period and compare it the number of points that you were awarded as of today.

My awarded points for this promotion today is complete. Not sure why the initial sweep was not able to come up with the correct number of brand bonus points?