Whine Wednesdays: Incorrectly Programmed Hotel Phones Case Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok

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This week the Whine Wednesdays revisits one annoying thing that I come across at hotels semi-frequently and most recently today – misprogrammed phones.

You would think that a hotel that has only been open for four years would have their phones in order? Nope. All the speed dials, including the EMERGENCY, just eventually returns the busy signal.

You can access Hilton Bangkok Sukhumvit website here.

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Found this out last night when I tried to place an in-room dining order using the “MAGIC” button that is basically their “instant service”. Didn’t work either. Same for the “In-room dining” one.

Used my cell phone to call the switch board and asked to speak with the manager on duty. The operator asked if this was another guest staying at the hotel only to transfer me to an extension where nobody picked up the call.

That’s for the Hilton Hospitality in Bangkok!


These small things just drive me nuts. How difficult it is to have these phones programmed correctly or have the operator understand what “Manager on Duty” means?

Luckily, there are plenty of hotel options in Bangkok among all the chains and in early 2018 there is the Waldorf-Astoria opening too.