Cathay Pacific & Korean Air Move To New Terminal 4 In Singapore On October 31, 2017


Singapore’s Changi Airport will see new terminal opening on Tuesday that won’t be connected to existing terminals 1, 2 and 3 using trains and has been unofficially named LCC one due to AirAsia, Cebu Pacific and Spring Airlines moving there in addition to Cathay Pacific, Korean Air and Vietnam Airlines.


Cathay Pacific sent me a reminder email today that my flight on Tuesday morning (CX650) will be the first flight out from this terminal and I should make my way to Terminal 4 and not to Terminal 1 that Cathay has used for many years.

You can access Changi Airport’s website for Terminal 4 here.

The airport has released a guide for Cathay Pacific passengers:

Download (PDF, 577KB)

Terminal 4 Airlines:

T4 Airlines MoreT4 Airlines

Seems that this Terminal 4 is mainly designed for self service that they call FAST:

CX Security Screening


Self check in terminals and tagging your owns bags? Did that most recently on Atlantic Airways flight out of Vagar. Seems that this machine gives out a receipt that you have deposited the bag if the YouTube video is to be believed.

Automated exit immigration booths are quite common today but these automated gates for international boarding are not. Let’s see how they work and how fast they are.

I hope that the centralized security is fast. I have always wondered how inefficient having the security at the gate must have been (I usually try to be at the gate very late and hence no line). Not sure how they are going to rescreen the connecting passengers from now on from not so secure destinations? Do they have transit security?

Cathay Pacific leads to believe that they new lounge is ready by October 31st. I truly hope so!