Latest Topbonus Email About “Restructuring”


Airberlin will operate its last flights today and its loyalty program Topbonus that is actually 70% owned by Etihad also filed for insolvency at the same time with the airline (not winding down yet – at least not today).

Topbonus Loyalty

Topbonus is truing to put their best foot forward on their latest email just sent out still claiming to be “loyalty program” (whose?) where members can temporarily redeem for economy Etihad flights (read more here).

The only useful nugget of information on this email is that status benefits remain valid at Etihad Airways partners (whatever is left).


It is difficult to see a need for another “loyalty” program in Germany/Europe without an airline or only one (Etihad) attached to it. Etihad already has their worldwide Guest loyalty program and wouldn’t make much sense to have Topbonus merely for the German market.

Etihad should just close the Topbonus and fold the members with their miles to their Guest. Only reasonable thing to do.