What’s Up With Marriott’s Website?


Marriott seems to have been having quite a few website issues as of late based on my personal observations and messages received from the readers.

Marriott Website Issues

Marriott is in the process (based on what I have seen) of launching an updated website and the interface seems to be switching back and worth between the new and the old. Right now, I am just getting the white page above when trying to access the Marriott’s website.

You can access Marriott’s website here (when it is working).

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I truly hope that Marriott hasn’t hired the same IT consultants that have worked with the Hyatt’s website that is down for hours on end every week and has for years.

For the past few weeks, I have had troubles sometimes trying to access my Marriott account and even making simple bookings. Sometimes you cannot even choose the dates on the website. I would hope that they would iron out these issues before launching a public BETA.