Etihad Airways In Disarray When Guest Program Loses All/Most Email Addresses During IT Upgrade!


Etihad Airways had tried to update the Guest loyalty program website and back end IT over the past few months but something has went terribly wrong during the last upgrade.

Etihad Guest Update Main

Apparently the airline’s loyalty program has lost email addresses for most members of its Guest program. Many need to update their passwords due to new interface and this requires sending an email with one-time code to the email address on file that the airline now doesn’t have on the database in use!

You can access Etihad Guest here.

Etihad Guest Update

The problem is that Etihad Guest now requires more secure password (no issues with that) that has lower and upper case letters combined with numbers. The password must also be minimum of eight characters long. If your previous password fulfills these requirements, you won’t have problems logging to your account.

Etihad Guest Update OTP

Once you have changed your password and trying to log in to your account, they try to email one-time OTP to the email address you have on file with Etihad Guest that they have LOST! You will never get that email!

The email address that Etihad Guest currently has on file for most Guest members is

Here’s what you need to do to get your email address updated:

You need to contact Etihad Guest by emailing them at

Someone at the integration team needs to manually update your email address to the database. This may take few days.

BusinessConnect Account Issue

Etihad Guest Update Notice

Seems that Etihad has changed the BusinessConnect account numbers and claims to have sent the info to program members (which they have not done). This makes logging to the account impossible as well.


This is typical Etihad incompetence. They spent billions of dollars to the Etihad Equity Alliance that has fallen apart and they probably tried to save few millions by choosing the lowest cost local bidder to do the data integration/IT upgrade/update with disastrous consequences.

I am sure that they have the email addresses saved somewhere in the old database. Shouldn’t take days to get someone to port them over to the new system?

Considering all the recent and coming program “enhancements” and the dwindling number of Equity Alliance airlines due to bankruptcies, I really don’t see a point keeping a status with Etihad and continue flying with them.