Compensation Clinic: JW Marriott – Grosvenor House London


This week the Compensation Clinic comes from a LoyaltyLobby reader’s stay at the iconic JW Marriott property in London – Grosvenor House.

Compensation Clinic JW Marriott Grosvenor House

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You can access JW Marriott Gosvernor House website here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I am a long term SPG Platinum member who recently matched his status with Marriott. I was going to London for a 7 night stay during last Christmas/New Years Eve and decided to try out Marriott, especially their top brand (that actually awards elite benefits, cough Ritz Carlton cough), JW Marriott.  I would like to let you know about my experience at the JW Marriott Grosvenor House in London.

Not only did I get no upgrade as a Platinum member, but the hotel put me in a room that looked like a Comfort Inn room.  The built in closet was half unfinished and the bed was broken.  The bed sagged on the side. After the first night I got moved to another room, also not upgraded and also with a broken bed.  I complained after my 2nd night and spoke with a manager and they said they will provide a new bed.  When I went to bed for night #3 it was either the same mattress or had the same sagging quality to it.  I again complained to a manager who clarified that they didn’t give me a new bed because they stated that the bed is already new and is only about 1 year old.  (So I guess the mattress had a long year.) So the manager promised to get me a new bed.  On night #4 I come back and there is a wood panel placed under the bed.  This is a JW Marriott hotel with a teenage overnight camp solution!  I again complained and finally got a new comfortable bed for my final 3 nights. 

In addition to the awful hotel room experience, the executive lounge was ridiculously crowded and there was usually no place to sit!  After complaining about this, a manager gave me the option to have breakfast in the hotel restaurant.  It’s definitely a nicer spread than the lounge, so that took the pain off of still having no place to sit during the evenings.

This stay cost me 270k points (45k points/night with 1 night free).  During my stay a manager offered 25k points to be returned to me.  After I returned I emailed the hotel and requested further compensation because not only did they not provide a comfortable stay but how they handled the dilemma was just atrocious!  They provided an additional 45 points compensation.  Is it enough to make me say they try?  No!  It suffices to get me to stop complaining to them, but I still have a bad taste from this hotel.

I am glad that the reader was able to get roughly 26% of the points used back from the property after escalating the issue few times. Difficult to believe how they cannot afford to have proper beds at this property consider the room rates they charge?


Hotel is not worth a stay if they fail at their most basic function that is a good night sleep. All hotels in this area of London cater to clientele from certain geographic area and couldn’t care less about the others.

Compensation Clinic JW Marriott Grosvenor House TA

Had a quick look at the TripAdvisor and this hotel is currently rated at #228 of all London hotels. I feel that Marriott really should send an emergency response team to fix the numerous issues that the property is having. You can see that the review distribution doesn’t look right for a supposedly “luxury” hotel.

Compensation Clinic JW Marriott Grosvenor House TA 1 - 3

What I usually do with a TripAdvisor, is to have a quick look at the 1 – 3 star reviews to get a an idea about the issues that the guests are having with the hotel. You can easily do this with their app by selecting only the reviews with these stars.

Based on these marks, I would NOT choose to stay at this Marriott property in London.