Finnair Weighing Passengers At Departure Gates In Helsinki October & November


Finnair is about to start a new project to better understand the average weight of the passengers and their hand luggage at the Helsinki airport.


Until now, the airline has used European Aviation Safety Agency’s suggestions that the average male passenger weight with carry on is 88 kilos, female 70 kilos and children 35 kilos.

The average weights are used when the airlines calculate how much cargo they can load and how much fuel they need to safely operate flights.

Finnair will use portable scale at the departing gates and the weighing is entirely voluntarily. It is unclear how representative this voluntarily sample is and whether passengers whose hand luggage weighs more than the allowed 8 kilos should participate (study could be used for other purposes later too – more stringent enforcement).


It never ceases to amaze me when some airlines only allow 8 kilos as hand luggage while others such as British Airways allows 20 kilos. Let’s face it. You cannot fit anything into 8 kilos. My computer bag itself is close to 13 kilos and my carry on is 14.

Not sure if the average weights that Finnair has used can be correct. It really makes sense to conduct a study and weigh some passengers. I just hope that all passengers regardless of their body size would willingly participate. 

Perhaps if you have a right mix of Scandinavians and Asians (Finnair heavily relies on Asian traffic) those used weights can be the average but otherwise they seems to be on the low side.