National Emerald Club Executive & Executive Elite Status Match Through December 31, 2017


A LoyaltyLobby reader dropped me an email today about National Emerald Club’s Executive & Executive Elite status match that is valid through December 31, 2017.

National Emerald Club Status Match

The beauty of this match is that it is valid for number of airline, hotel and OTA loyalty program elite members. You don’t need to have any status with car rental programs at all!

You can access the match page here.

Note that the form on the match page merely generates an email form that should open in your email program. You should then attach supporting documents and send it off.

Here are the programs matched:

Here are the Emerald Club Executive & Executive Elite benefits:

National Emercal Club Status Match Status Levels

The main benefits of being member of the Emerald Club is the ability of just picking up your car from the specific aisle and choosing one that you prefer. Executive and Executive Elite member selection should be better.


Somewhat surprising that National has been able to operate as business traveler friendly as previously despite being owned by Enterprise.

When I was renting cars a lot in the US, National’s Emerald Club was my main program due to convenience, upgrades received (choosing the car) and number of free rental days earned (mainly due to the yearly promo).

If you rent cars in North America, it is worth checking them out and match to Executive or Executive Elite status helps a lot.