Pittsburgh Airport Is Offering Airside Terminal Access To Non-Ticketed Passengers Again


Remember the days when you were able to accompany your loved ones to the gate or pick them up right there upon arrival? Pittsburgh Airport is now offering airside terminal access again even if you don’t have a ticket!

Pittsburgh International Airport has rolled out my myPITpass that allows the public to enter the secure terminal area after registration and ID document verification.

The program is designed to provide access to the terminal in order to accompany/pick up passengers as well as facilitate the shops at the airport (though I’m not sure what exactly there is to shop except typical airport concessions).

You can access the website of the Pittsburgh Airport that features the new access option here.

How do I get Airside access?

  1. Check in on 3rd flr Ticketing Level across from Allegiant ticket counter.
  2. Show valid government-issued photo ID (Driver’s License or Passport).
  3. Receive stamped myPITpass.
  4. Proceed through Alternate security checkpoint observing all TSA rules.

What hours can I access the Airside Terminal?

myPITpasses will be issued:
Monday – Friday
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.*

*During peak departure times, priority in the checkpoint line will be given to ticketed passengers catching flights. Issuance of passes may be suspended during these times.

Is this the beginning of a nationwide rethinking of security protocol that has been in place for the better part of two decades after 9/11? Since then access to the sterile terminal area was limited to ticketed passengers only.

Airlines are generally permitted to issue gate passes subject to their own policies. Often such gate passes are issued to those going with unaccompanied minors (children traveling alone) and active military members to the gate. Some memberships such as American Airlines Admirals Clubs used to give members the option of going into the secure area as well to access club and conference facilities.


There is zero risk of having non-ticketed passengers entering the gate area as long as everybody clears TSA security checkpoints and whoever issues the gate pass verifies ID documents of the individual. I like the option of being able to go to the gates and have used it a couple times over the years.

At airports where this is not possible and where airlines do not issue gate passes you can always purchase a refundable airline ticket, use it to clear security and then have it refunded as ‘your plans changed last minute’. I wouldn’t advocate making a habit out of this but it’s an option in important cases.

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