Airfare of the Day: United Airlines ECONOMY CLASS San Francisco to Kahului, Hawaii $357 Round Trip

Today’s Airfare of the Day goes to United Airlines one way instant purchase fares between San Francisco and Hawaii.

Fare Details:

  • Fare: United (UA) GAC2LKES SFO to OGG
  • Booking class: G (Economy/Coach)
  • Price: $357 ($310 Base Fare + Taxes & Surcharges)
  • Day/Time restrictions: To Hawaii permitted Sunday through Wednesday – From Hawaii permitted Monday through Thursday
  • Seasonal restrictions: To Hawaii permitted 03OCT 17 through 15NOV 17 or 20NOV 17 through 12DEC 17 or 26DEC 17 through 07MAR 18 or 13MAR 18 through 15MAR 18 or 03APR 18 through 23MAY 18 or 28AUG 18 through 15NOV 18 or 19NOV 18 through 06DEC 18 for each trip – From Hawaii permitted 03OCT 17 through 24NOV 17 or 29NOV 17 through 02JAN 18 or 08JAN 18 through 21MAR 18 or 11APR 18 through 24MAY 18 or 05SEP 18 through 22NOV 18 or 28NOV 18 through 25DEC 18 for each trip.
  • Flight restrictions: Do not apply
  • Advanced reservation/Ticketing restrictions: Reservations for all sectors required at least 21 days before departure
  • Minimum stay requirements: Do not apply
  • Maximum stay requirements: Do not apply
  • Stopovers: 2 stopovers permitted at $55.81 each
  • Transfers: 2 transfers permitted in each direction
  • Blackout dates: Do not apply
  • Travel restrictions: Valid for travel commencing on/after 03NOV 17 and on/before 14DEC 17
  • Sales restrictions: Do not apply
  • Changes: Charge $200 for reissue/revalidation
  • Cancellations: Ticket is non-refundable

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I was able to find availability from November to December 2017 using Matrix ItaSoftware:

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The following accruals were estimated for SFO-OGG round trip travel on UA marketed and operated flights without considering any elite status bonuses or ongoing promotions.


Good price from the West Coast to Hawaii but with limited availability for November/December 2017.

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Fare rules

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