Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club Enhances Club Points Earnings Up On Many Fares Effective December 8, 2017


Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club is changing the number of Club points that members earn on most Ultra-Short and Short flights and on Long and Ultra-Long Premium Economy and Economy flights effective December 8, 2017.

Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club

Marco Polo is the status recognition program for Cathay Pacific and members collect AsiaMiles that they use for award tickets. This Club Points earnings change makes it easier for members to earn status with the airline.

You can access Cathay’s page for the changes here.

Here are the changes:

Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club Points

Here are the zones:

Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club Points Routes


Cathay Pacific has probably seen some erosion in number of elites that may be seeking some cheaper alternatives such as Hong Kong Airlines/Hong Kong Express and there are many alternate options traveling to/from mainland cities nowadays bypassing Hong Kong altogether.

Just surprised that this is not devaluation of benefits but an actual benefit enhancement.

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    • Don’t forget that 18-mths ago CX made big changes to their program that made it much harder to earn status e.g. Green membership originally required 4 flights, this became 100 points (or up to 20 flights), Silver membership originally required 20 flights, this became 300 points (or up to 60 flights) etc. This change seems more of a scaling back of the earlier big changes (due to losing too many members at all levels perhaps).

      At the lower end (5-point Ultra-Short routes on the cheapest tickets) you will still need to fly a lot more than before, but generally the increased earning rates on the intra-Asia and long haul routes will make it a little easier to gain / retain status e.g. max 30 flights for Silver (compared to the original 20 flights and more recent 60 flights) with 20 flights possible if not on the cheapest ticket fare classes.

      Note also that Green membership is back to 4 flights max. (20 points).


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