Marriott Rewards Revamp & Accessing Legacy Website


Exactly a week ago, I wrote about troubles (read more here) I was having accessing Marriott’s website and just getting white screen of death in the process.

Marriott Rewards Website Old Version

Today, Marriott seems to have put up a banner on its website about the development work they are doing and a link to accessing the legacy website in a case you are served the new one and it just doesn’t work.

You can access the Marriott’s legacy website here.

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If I would need to pick up the phone to make a reservation, I rather open a website of competing operator and book one of their hotels than wasting my time over the phone. Plain and simple.

At least Marriott here gives an option for those trying to access their website to revert back to the old version for limited time while there are ironing out the issues with the new one. I would prefer having a working updated website from the day one, however.

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