Has Hyatt Changed Their Mind To Allow The Hyatt Globalist (Re)-Qualification With 55 Nights?


There has been quite a storm of anger and disappointment earlier this year when World of Hyatt was rolled out requiring 60 to qualify for Globalist, even for those who were previously Hyatt Diamond.

The written rule was that 55 nights are needed to re-qualify, however Hyatt communicated that they consider this years Globalist ‘given’ and not earned, therefore requiring the full 60 nights at least once.

I considered that to be pretty much set in stone until there were several promotions this year that came from Hyatt first targeting corporate customers and then Hyatt Credit Card holders, offering them a Fast Track with 20 nights to Globalist.

At the time when these emails/promotions were published I was already over 40 nights for 2017 and therefore those were absolutely irrelevant to me. Yesterday I clocked in my 55th night and didn’t expect anything of it as it was communicated quite clearly before that this year 60 nights are needed.

I was even more surprised when I got an email about an hour ago welcoming me to ‘another year of Hyatt Globalist’ at my current 55 night level, five nights earlier than expected.

Indeed my online account has already been adjusted to Globalist until February 2019.

At the same time the account still displays a 5 night discrepancy to reach Globalist with 60 nights. I can’t say I’m really surprised given Hyatt’s horrible IT track record.

Is this an error or a deliberate change on the side of the new World of Hyatt management? It’s hard to say but I know some folks who already clocked in 60+ nights and who did NOT get their status extension with their 55th night so something must be up.

What does this mean for the current Globalist members?

If you’re close to the 55 nights and would have otherwise considered letting Hyatt Globalist go then maybe you want to reconsider but since this might be a bug you might want to hold off a bit until there is some sort of official confirmation.

For me personally it makes no difference. I planned to go for 60 nights in part for Globalist but also because there are additional benefits if a Globalist reaches 60 nights vs 55 nights such as a free night at any Hyatt (Category 1-7), 4 Suite Upgrade vouchers and the (in my opinion) rather useless personal Hyatt Concierge. I’m definitely going to get these extra awards this year since I already planned the remainder of my travel year with at least 5 more Hyatt nights in mind.


I hope that especially after the management change there is a new spirit in the World of Hyatt team and they realized that their former Diamonds, now Globalists are abandoning the program in droves. Those people won’t continue to stay at Hyatt under the downgraded Explorist status and likely will look for another chain after being treated terribly by Hyatt as far as the program restructuring went this year.

Generally speaking I find it preposterous to eve suggest those members who acquired Diamond Status in 2016 have been ‘given’ the Globalist for free and therefore don’t qualify for the 55 night extension. This alone cries of arrogance which Hyatt has displayed from the start, especially under the helm of the former (thank god) Head of Hyatt Loyalty, Jeff Zidell. At the same time, they already start to make the same mistakes again, offering fast tracks and bonuses to people while showing nothing but the middle finger to those who already qualified under the published rules. I guess it’s hard to hit the proper nuance of fairness and keeping customers happy as a whole.

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