Reader Question: No Miles&Smiles Credit For TK Coded Singapore Airlines Segment?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question by email about a topic that is truly a minefield when it comes to getting a credit for economy class flights on Star Alliance.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

Not sure if you can help. I flew Melbourne to Singapore in August on Singapore Air- but it was with Turkish code share- I carried on to Istanbul on Turkish booked together- both legs q class.

Turkish never gave me the miles because they said Singapore said it wasn’t qualified. I presume Singapore said that because I was flying on a Turkish ticket. I have been corresponding since august and got nowhere.

What do u suggest ?

I attached the email my travel agent enquired ( ignore the hebrew)

Here’s the part of the eticket that shows the Turkish Airlines Singapore Airlines codeshare:


The problem or the advantage of the Star Alliance is that the frequent flier credit is based on the operating carrier and not by the marketing one.

The operating airline fare class is not often the same as the marketing one and you can only find this information by calling the airline that operates the flight).

If travel agent issues the ticket, they can put the ticket on hold and you can then call the operating airline before the ticket is issued. Travel agent should also has access to this information.


This is the issue with Star Alliance. You cannot assume that TK Q class maps to anything on SQ that would credit per Miles&Smiles tables. The reader should find out what was the underlying SQ fare class and if that was something that should have credited (likely not).

This type of crediting can work in your favor as well. Sometimes you can buy non-Star Alliance codeshares on Star Alliance airlines that you can credit to these frequent flier programs (as long as the fare class qualifies).

SkyTeam and Oneworld usually credit by the marketing airline. This can lead to somewhat interesting situations such as crediting Qantas coded Emirates flights to British Airways or Qatar.

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