Qatar Airways Flight Diverted After Onboard Incident When Woman Discovered Her Husband Cheated On Her


A female passenger who spied on her husbands cellphone content during a Qatar Airways flight caused the flight to divert after she found evidence of being cheated on and caused a major disruption on board.

The flight originated from Doha en route to Bali but was diverted to Chennai, India after an Iranian woman created a ruckus mid-air learning of her husband’s affair.

Another one for the category ‘stories almost too crazy too be true’ as there are several elements in this story where you think that something is seriously wrong with people.

The first stories about this came out of India (see the India Today article here) as the flight diverted to Chennai.

While her husband was blissfully asleep on a flight from Doha, probably dreaming of Bali, a woman managed to unlock his smartphone and found some excess baggage: she discovered he was cheating on her.

The flight headed to Bali was diverted and landed in Chennai after the Iranian woman created a ruckus mid-air. Security agencies said she was drunk. The Iranian couple were travelling with their young child on the Qatar Airways flight on Sunday.

“On November 5, at about 10 am, Qatar Airways flight QR-962 (Doha-Bali) was diverted to Chennai. A lady along with her husband and a child, all Iranian nationals, were offloaded by the airline, which had no stopover, as the woman created a ruckus and misbehaved with crew members inflight,” said a senior security officer.

Sources told Mail Today that the husband fell asleep an hour after take-off. The woman who suspected infidelity took advantage of the opportunity. “She unlocked her sleeping husband’s phone by putting his finger on its scanner and after checking the contents realized that her husband was cheating on her,” they said.

Ok so an Iranian family travels on Qatar Airways to Bali, at lest the woman starts the holiday off by getting completely wasted (no alcohol allowed in Iran) and then fumbles around with her husbands iPhone, unlocking it with his fingerprint while he passed out. You couldn’t make this up!

The woman, who was allegedly inebriated, got into a heated altercation with her husband. When the crew intervened and tried to pacify her she also purportedly misbehaved with them.

“Seeing the situation getting out of hand, the crew decided to offload the woman along with her husband and their child. The pilot diverted the flight to Chennai, where the family was de-boarded. The plane went ahead to Bali leaving them in India,” an official said.

Authorities in Chennai decided to keep the family at the airport till the woman got sober. Later, they were put on a plane to Kuala Lumpur and taken to Doha by a connecting flight from there.

That was a short holiday indeed. Unfortunately no beach but certainly with plenty of excitement. I feel sort of sorry for the kid they had in tow though.


The woman probably had a very low tolerance for alcohol and it wasn’t a very good idea to kick off the Bali holiday with a couple drinks once on board Qatar Airways. I’ve seen it plenty of times that those who aren’t allowed to drink at home or based on their religion are going completely wild once in an uncontrolled environment.

Definitely not an excuse for causing a plane to land after rioting on board. I’m surprised that Qatar even took them on board at KUL after the passengers caused trouble and expenses on the Denpasar flight.

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