SPG Best Rate Guarantee Woes: Multiple Claims Within Same Area-Interpretation


SPG offers Best Rate Guarantee (which hotel program today would not?) that promises to match the lower price found online and either give you an additional 20% off or 2,000 bonus Starpoints. I have covered the ins and outs of the guarantee here on LoyaltyLobby numerous times.


The program has had challenges lately with ever increasing response times (read more here). Marriott is apparently not adequately staffing the department and I most recently received some weird response for trying to deny the bonus points for the claim that was already approved and what I previously wrote about (read more here).

You can access SPG’s page for Best Rate Guarantee program here.

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My stay at the Nobis hotel in Copenhagen had posted without the SPG Platinum amenity and the Best Rate Guarantee bonus points. I had replied to the email and requested these points to be posted.

SPG BRG Response 1 U

I had two stays at this Nobis hotel that were exactly one week apart. I asked her to check the math used.

SPG BRG Response 2

Here’s my reply:

Here’s the relevant part of the Best Rate Guarantee T&Cs:


  • For purposes of comparing the Competing Rate and the rate available on the Starwood Websites, only the Competing Rate and the rate available on the Starwood Websites that are each available at the time the applicable claim is processed will be considered by Starwood. Starwood will compare the total room cost of a stay, and multiple claims for a stay consisting of two or more nights in the same week at the same hotel or hotels) in the same geographic location (e.g. city) may be treated as one claim for one stay, even if booked through more than one reservation.

I had two Sunday night stays on week apart and thus they cannot be considered one stay per your Best Rate Guarantee T&Cs. These Sunday nights cannot be during the same week.

Please post the missing Best Rate Guarantee bonus points

SPG BRG Response 3 U

I still disagree with their assessment with the T&Cs of their own program but at least they are making “one time exception” and posting the points.

SPG BRG Response Post

And they did post.


I have been a huge proponent the way SPG has traditionally handled the Best Rate Guarantee claims. The current handling times are out of control, however, and perhaps the staff members handling these claims are feeling stressed out?

At least you can reason with the people handling these claims, although I felt that the 2,000 Starpoints were not worth the time wasted with these emails.

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