Reader Question: Timing When To Deposit Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles To IHG Rewards Club Account To Hit Spire Elite Status?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me an email regarding Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles to IHG Rewards Club points conversion timing that is considered qualifying activity for status purposes.

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club IHG Rewards Club

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Here’s the email from the reader:

Currently I am a Platinum Ambassador. I am 15K short of reaching IHG Spire Elite but unfortunately I have no further travel plans this year within the IHG group.

I would like to use 15K of Virgin Miles to get myself to Spire but wondering when is the optimum time to do so?

My PlatAmb membership card says that expiry is Jan 18, most posts indicate the “points year” is Jan1 – Dec 31.

Is there an optimum time to do the transfer? I would like to do in Jan 18, so that I can transfer over the bare minimum number of miles, but I don’t want to be reset at the end of December and be 75K points short!

It is bit confusing but you have to separate membership years; one for the IHG Rewards Club status (Gold, Platinum or Spire Elite) that is calendar year and another one for the Ambassador program that can be any 12 months. These are independent of each other.

Your Virgin to IHG transfer should hit before the end of December. Virgin states that this transfer may take up to 30 days.

You should upgrade your account as soon as possible because it would trigger another Ambassador package (Spire Ambassador) that should come with Ambassador free weekend night voucher and perhaps with some bonus points as well.

You would then get another package when you renew next year.

The reader will also get to choose the Spire Elite Choice benefit of either gifting Platinum status to another member or deposit of 25,000 points to his account.


IHG Rewards Club used to count pretty much any account activity as Elite Qualifying Points but greatly cut down on this (yet hasn’t really done anything to beef up on the promised elite benefits).

The reader should get the Spire Elite status as soon as possible to max the number on Ambassador packages that he gets and the Spire Elite 25,000 bonus points or gifted Platinum status.