Malaysia Airlines Ex-CEO Bellew On Hook For Four Months Pay Due To Breaking His Contract Early


There is always turbulence surrounding Malaysia Airlines when politicians cannot keep their hands off of the airline.

Malaysia Airlines

Now, the airline is going after the previous CEO, who gave only two months notice when deciding to rejoin Ryanair (and was basically told to leave immediately), for four months pay. He should have given the airline six months notice as per his contract when leaving Malaysia Airlines.

Here’s an excerpt from The Malay Online (access the piece here):

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 13 — Former Malaysia Airlines (MAS) chief executive and group managing director Petter Bellew must pay the company four months’ salary for resigning without giving sufficient notice.

Finance Minister II Datuk Seri Johari Abdul Ghani said today that Bellew’s three-year work contract dictated that he must tender a six-month notice before relinquishing his position, but Bellew only gave two months’ notice.

Johari said the same notice also applied for Khazanah Nasional Berhad which owns MAS, if it wished to let Bellew off.

“For your information YB, the notice for the MAS CEO’s contract is three years and in the contract, both parties can give six months’ notice.

“The CEO can give a six-month notice, or MAS can give a six-month notice.

“In the case of this MAS CEO (Bellew), he resigned and gave a notice short of four months. So we accepted it and he has to pay us four months (salary),” Johari told the Dewan Rakyat.


This is small “talent acquisition cost” for Ryanair to get their ex-employee back to help run the airline smoothly (they have had operational issues lately) and seems that Mr. Bellew wanted to get out of Malaysia Airlines as fast as he could and knowingly broke his contract.

Not sure why it makes sense for Malaysia Airlines or the government to air this “dirty laundry” publicly? These are minuscule amounts compared to the cash that has ended up in the Prime Minister’s and his family’s bank accounts.  A classic case of misdirection perhaps.

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