Aegean Miles&Bonus Increases Limits For Purchasing Elite Tier Miles To Upkeep Status Level

The popular Aegean Airlines Miles&Bonus program has increased the limits for their members to purchase elite tier miles to up to 3000 Miles (for Gold Members) per year, a 1000 point increase.

Elite Tier miles are available in 500 miles packages that are charged at 50 EUR each which might make sense in isolated cases.

Aegean has sent out an email today announcing a change in the limits for their members which in the case of Silver and Gold Tiers means it went up by 1000 miles per year.

Blue members up to 1,000 tier miles
Silver members up to 2,000 tier miles
Gold members up to 3,000 tier miles

Depending how many miles are still needed for membership tier (re) qualification it can sometimes make sense to purchase a few extra elite miles at the end of the membership year to save yourself another trip which comes with expenses for the flight and associated costs such as transfers and hotels.

Of course the mileage programs know this calculation all to well which usually means that purchasing Elite miles is quite expensive and the Aegean example is no exception here. For example if a Gold Member wants to make full use of the 3000 Miles he is allowed to purchase that will cost a handsome 300 Euro.

You can access Aegean Miles&Bonus website here where the offer is explained in detail.

Miles & Bonus has one the lowest (if not THE lowest) tier hurdle to upkeep Star Alliance Gold status and this new feature might make it even easier to keep your Gold Card active for a long time to come.

You can access the requirements for achieving and extending your A3 Gold Tier here.

To upgrade from Silver to the Gold Tier, all you need to do is fly Aegean or Olympic Air at least four times and earn 24,000 Tier Miles within 12 months or collect a total 48,000 Tier Miles, regardless of which airline you choose to fly with. Whichever you do first will get you there.

To retain your Gold Tier, you have a fixed 12-month period from the date of your upgrade or renewal of your tier to collect 12,000 Tier Miles, including 4 flights with Aegean and/or Olympic Air, or collect a total of 24,000 Tier Miles, regardless of which airline you choose to fly with.

Let’s assume one doesn’t visit Greece or would transit on Aegean through one of their Airports an annual 24,000 miles are a ridiculously low barrier to upkeep Star Alliance Gold, undercutting even United Mileage Plus and Air Canada Aeroplan by more than 50% (not even considering any spending requirement on United).

A similar competitive program would be Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles, however the Aegean Miles&Bonus award chart is excellent.


If you manage to obtain Aegean Miles & Bonus Gold then upkeeping the status at 24,000 Elite Miles a year is really easy. If for any reason you won’t make it then there is always the option of spending some money on purchasing additional Elite Tier Miles in order to extend your status.

Depending where you are in the world it can make sense to find a ticket at the 300 Euro price point in order to fly 3,000 Miles but that might not be so easy considering Miles&Bonus only credits 50% for most airlines deep discount Economy Class fares such and United or Lufthansa. In fact some of the fare classes included in the 50% earning bracket are actually quite expensive such as Lufthansa V/Q class. Therefore it might make good sense to just buy the 3,000 tier miles if your flying pattern in a particular year doesn’t meet the requirements.

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