Marriott’s “Look No Further” Best Rate Guarantee: Cases Marriott & Ritz Carlton Budapest


Marriott calls its Best ate Guarantee “Look No Further”, although it does pay to look further and match the lower third party rate and discount it by another 25%.

Marriott's “Look No Further” Best Price Guarantee Cases Marriott & Ritz Carlton Budapest

I thought that it would be time to revisit the guarantee and put it to test. As I was in Budapest last week and both Marriott and Ritz Carlton hotels in city had much lower rates available on third party websites, I decided to file two claims.

You can access Marriott’s web page for the Look No Further guarantee here.

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Here are few things to keep in mind:

  • The “Comparison Rate” must be found, and a completed claim form submitted within 24 hours of booking the reservation through the Marriott reservation channel.

  • It also must be for the same hotel, room type and reservation dates. The same cancellation and advance purchase policies, and other terms and conditions governing the rates must apply.

  • In addition, if the Comparison Rate is found on the day of arrival, the claim must be submitted by 10:00 p.m. of that day in the hotel’s time zone in order to ensure timely processing.

The problem usually is that third party rates are prepaid while rates on Marriott’s website may be flexible. This was the case with Ritz Carlton. They didn’t have any prepaid rates available. The best flexible rate, however, became non-cancelable the day before.

Ritz Carlton Budapest

Marriott Look No Further RC Budapest

Marriott website price was 394 euros.

Marriott Look No Further RC Budapest Otel

While Otel was selling the same hotel for $270 that is quite a difference!

Marriott Look No Further RC Webform

Made the reservation on Marriott’s website and filled out the form.

Marriott Look No Further RC Automatic Email Reply

The automatic reply came through too.

It took only 67 minutes from filing the claim for the Marriott representative to process it.

Marriott Look No Further RC Updated Confirmation

They also emailed the updated reservation.

Marriott Budapest

Marriott Look No Further Marriott BUD U

The lowest price on Marriott’s website was 218.38 euros.

Marriott Look No Further Marriott 3rd Party

Third party website was selling the same hotel for $221.

Marriott Look No Further Marriott Webform

Filled their web form.

Marriott Look No Further Marriott Email

Email confirmation came through just fine.

Marriott Look No Further Marriott LNF Conformation

And the claim was processed in 26 minutes.


I don’t like the part of the T&Cs that require the cancellation terms to be the same. This basically means that hotels can easily dump their inventory freely on third party sites as long as they don’t load prepaid rates on Marriott’s website.

I would also prefer having point option instead of 25% extra discount like what Starwood offers. Perhaps 6,000 bonus Marriott Rewards points would be sufficient?

The claim turnaround time was about perfect. Cannot understand how Marriott can properly staff their Look No Further team that answer in minutes while SPG currently takes days?

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