Marriott Rewards Retires Elite Rollover Nights & Status Buy Back Programs In 2018


Marriott Rewards today announced changes coming to the program in 2018 that adversely affects some members.

Marriott Changes

Marriott ends both Elite Rollover Nights and Status Buy Back programs. Excess nights consumed in 2017 will rollover to 2018 for the last time. Status Buy Back-program will not return in 2018.

You can access Marriott’s page for Elite Rollover Nights here.

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Status Buy Back program has allowed members to buy back their Silver, Gold or Platinum status for set number of points regardless of number of nights consumed:

Marriott Rewards Elite Buy Back Offer 2017 Price

Elite Rollover Nights have allowed members to rollover the nights that they have consumed over their status to the follower year once (previously they were rolling year after year).


The Elite Nights Rollover has incentivized members to continue credit stays to the program past the elite qualification criteria and perhaps qualified with other program such as Hilton or IHG.

Status Buy Back program has been great way to members to buy back their status using point. Sad to see this option go away.

Here are the frequently asked questions released by Marriott:

1. Why is Marriott Rewards making these changes?

We are dedicated to delivering quality and consistency for our most loyal members. These changes will help ensure that we continue to provide exceptional Elite experiences during every stay. We want to ensure our most loyal Marriott Rewards and SPG Elite members who have linked their accounts and matched their status enjoy their earned Elite benefits such as lounge access and room upgrades on a consistent basis.

2. If I stay more nights than required to earn my Elite status in 2017, will the extra nights still roll over toward my 2018 status?

Yes. Changes to Elite Rollover Nights will not take effect until January 2018, so any extra nights you earn in 2017 will be applied to your 2018 status. In 2018, any nights earned in excess of the required Elite thresholds to maintain or achieve a status level will not be rolled over to 2019.

3. How can I earn Elite Rollover Nights in 2017?

If you stay more Elite nights than required to maintain or achieve a status level in 2017, those nights will be applied toward your 2018 status. Silver member nights in excess of 10, Gold member nights in excess of 50, and Platinum member nights in excess of 75 will carry forward to 2018.

4. How can I find out how many Elite Rollover Nights I currently have?

To view your Elite Rollover Nights, simply visit and sign in to view your online account. Once in your account, visit the Nights Detail section and you will see your total Elite nights earned for 2017 to date, as well as a breakdown of your Rollover Nights earned from 2016 that were applied to your 2017 status.

5. Do Elite Rollover Nights expire?

Yes. Elite Rollover Nights expire after one year and will not roll over beyond the one-year time frame.
Below is an example for a Silver Elite Member:

    • 5 Rollover Nights in 2016 (rolled over from 2015)
    • 20 nights stayed in 2016 (Rollover Nights from previous year are included in this count)
    • 10 nights are needed to renew at Silver Elite status
    • There are 10 excess nights above the level threshold (10 nights to renew); however, the 5 Rollover Nights from 2015 will have expired, leaving 5 total nights to roll over to the 2017 account.

6. Where can I get more information about Elite Rollover Nights?

You can visit for more details. For questions about your account, please contact Marriott Rewards Customer Service.

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