Paljon Onnea Satavuotiaalle Suomelle! Finland’s Centennial Celebrations!


Finland is celebrating its 100th anniversary of independence today December 6, 2017. I spent the last weekend in Helsinki with friends from the US and Europe taking part of the celebrations.

Finland 100 Years

Finland was under the Swedish and Russian rules for several hundred years and gained its independence during the Bolshevik revolution in Russia.

Here’s part of Sibelius’ Finlandia:


I am proud to be a Finn that has lived out of the county for the past 16 years and no immediate plans to go back. My friend commented that I sometimes said we or them when I was referring to what was going on in present Finland.

Finland was very poor at the time it gained its independence from Russia and now usually at the top of quality of life surveys. Quite a development that wouldn’t have happened without excellent education, quality of healthcare, gender equality and the Nordic values.

If you haven’t been to Finland yet, now it would perfect time to visit!

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