Turkish Airlines RFID Baggage Tags For Miles&Smiles Status Customers Now Available To Order


Turkish Airlines has sent out emails that RFID Baggage Tags are now available for Miles&Smiles customers to help trace their baggage.

Customers are prompted to confirm their address on file in order to have the baggage tags delivered to them.

Turkish Airlines is both selling the RFID cards that apparent work at certain airports worldwide helping to track bags but also offers the items free of charge to their status customers (I’m currently Miles&Smiles Silver after a soft landing from Gold status).

You can access the landing page of the email here.

The RFID Baggage Card helps solve any problems you might have with your baggage while traveling. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is available at certain airports.

The RFID Baggage Card you place in you baggage allows you to receive up-to-date information about it. With these notifications, we can offer you effective, fast solutions.

Your RFID Baggage Card integrates with your Miles&Smiles membership. We get in touch with you using the contact information registered on your Miles&Smiles account. The RFID Baggage Card allows us to contact just you and we do not save your personal information or contact details.

By following the three steps below you can start using your RFID Baggage Card.

  • Register your RFID Baggage Card.
  • Place you RFID Baggage Card in your baggage.
  • If you have a problem with your baggage, inform a member of airport staff that you have an RFID Baggage Card.

Elite Members of Turkish Airlines MIles&Smiles should have a look in their email inbox to check for the confirmation link to order the tags.


I’m not entirely convinced how useful these RFID baggage tags will be because most of the time a bag is missing it’s actually located somewhere at another destination.

I certainly wouldn’t order one if I had to pay for it given it’s rather limited use but I put the order in to see what the product actually looks like.

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