Fabulous Fridays: Premium Rental Car Vehicles In The Hertz Gold Choice Aisle


This week our Fabulous Friday is about renting Hertz cars in the U.S. and being able to select cars from the Hertz Gold Choice aisle where I found very decent vehicles that would often go as premium.

Hertz in the U.S. has modified their vehicle categories over the years to the point where cars that used to be their basic Full Size are now considered premium and pre-assigned upgrades were often laughable.

With the introduction of the Gold Choice (see detailed description here) members started to have the option to just forego their pre-assigned vehicle and choose from an array of cars in the lot. Of course you can also see an agent ans ask what else they have in the lot but to avoid wasting time my first look around it at the Gold Choice aisle nowadays.

Hertz in the U.S. has the following locations equipped with Ultimate Choice :

During a recent trip to Los Angeles I reserved a very low priced SUV ($36 for a one day rental) as Presidents Circle member which was cheaper than a Full Size or even an Intermediate category on that day. In fact I could have gotten it for $30 but I wanted to try something with the United Mileage Plus offer.

At the time of my rental I was again assigned some strange car that I wasn’t really interested in driving (the Jeep Compass would have been pretty decent). I then walked to the Gold Aisle and saw that in the Standard section they had Infinity SUV as well as a Range Rover EVoque. Initially I wanted to take the infinity but it had cigarette smell so I went for the Range Rover. Fantastic choices!

Alternatively Presidents Circle and Platinum Members can select from the Premium aisle and pay $25 per day upgrade fee where several BMW and Mercedes vehicles are waiting (among other brands).


In the U.S. I’m relatively happy with Hertz (unlike in Germany where the company is a disaster) and the Gold Choice has made it very bearable and affordable to pick a nice car.

Reserving a Premium Car outright is usually $70+ a day so you’ll almost always be better off just reserving the cheapest rate for an Intermediate or Full Size Vehicle and then pay the $25 per day or maybe see if there is something decent in the regular Ultimate Choice aisle.