Light Snow Hits UK & Western European Airports Creating Snowmageddon (Canceled & Delayed Flights)


Sebastian wrote earlier today (read more here) about challenges many Delta travelers have been facing over the past few days in the US due to adverse weather conditions.


Now, many Western European airports are facing light snow and airlines are unable to deal with de-icing leading to long delays and cancellations.

Many British as well as airports in Western Europe are affected. Airports in Northern Europe are used to snow and have adequate equipment in place to deal with de-icing and clearing the runaways.

Here’s status from London’s Heathrow:

Western Europe Snowmageddon

British Airways has already issued Travel Waiver:

Western Europe Snowmageddon BA


As I originally come from Northern Finland where airports deal with snow and ice for several moths every year, it always makes me laugh when light snow makes most of these airports basically to collapse.

I have been looking at my Facebook feed where people try to call these airlines elite lines only to be cut off and cannot get online sites or apps to rebook their flights. Winter weather time!

Keep in mind that the Duty to care and requirement to rebook the affected passengers to their final destination even on other airlines does apply even on weather related disruptions per EC 261/2004 legilsation.

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