Lufthansa Miles&More Goes Revenue Based On March 12, 2018?


Lufthansa Miles&More program is apparently going to revenue base as of March 12, 2018, if you can believe the information shown on their app.

Lufthansa Miles&More Revenue Base March 12 2018

Lufthansa would follow Air France-KLM Flying Blue that is going revenue base next year as well and made the announcement earlier this year. I would assume that Miles&More would closely follow Flying Blue’s formula that is basically copied from the US airlines.

Here’s what Miles&More shows when you click the link:

Lufthansa Miles&More Revenue Base March 12 2018 Page Cannot Be Found

You get a blank page!


Not sure how Lufthansa’s Miles&More could become less rewarding, although I am sure that they will find a way? There is a reason why some call it Miles&Less.

Those that fly on on cheap fares will lose including discounted business and first class ones. Only winners are members that fly on very expensive short-haul flights.

It would be very surprising if Lufthansa really would be introducing such a change in about three months time and in the middle of the month, but this is what the app currently indicates. I am sure that we should learn more in the next day or two.