Reader Comment: Finnair Flight From HEL(L) Literally!


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me an email yesterday while on rather HELl’ish Finnair flight from Helsinki to Miami due to fellow passengers that just couldn’t be quiet.

Reader Comment Finnair Flight From HEL(L) Literally

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Here’s the email from the reader:

Just sent this to Finnair. Let’s see if they come back …

“Am writing this on the plane. Sadly for me my company only does premium economy as a policy. That okay. my tier status with BA gives me access to things like lounge etc that provide a little sanity.

And mind you, Internet on the plane is a great thing for most people including me sitting at xx in Economy Comfort. But next to me at xxL and xxM is a Finnish couple who probably have quite high tier status. Your flight crew have given them a whole bottle of champagne, some extra bits of food from biz class and complimentary internet vouchers for the whole flight. Brilliant, I am very happy for them and nice touch from the crew.

What is disastrous is the lady has been FaceTiming and calling her family, friends, kids and the dogs whole (EXPLICIT REMOVED) flight. Now the Husband has joined in and calling people. We are not talking short calls this is hours !!!

Next time you hand out free internet vouchers and bottles of champagne to high flyers (who can’t afford business class) sitting in economy class. Please be aware that You are screwing with the sanity of the people next to these babbling lunatics. Why don’t you give them more bottles so they can drink directly from it, at least they can go lights out after a while!

Even trains have quiet zones… Crying babies you can’t fault but here in cattle class you are surrounded by a group of talking cows for the whole damn flight.

Can you please at least put up signs to discourage voice calls !?

Sadly plebs like me only get to fly premium economy regularly and Flying has just become a living hell. Thanks Finnair.

Now that I am connected maybe I should tweet about this too. #flyinghell

You may wonder how I knew the exact route that the reader was on? He/she (don’t know the gender) sent me an another email before this one that was fired off to Finnair as well.

But this really is an issue and not just when you are trapped on a tube at 35,000 feet. Passengers and hotel guests really should take others also into considerations when they make calls or use their devices.

If you are using device to consume media or make phone calls, please use headphones. It is quite unbelievable that many find it acceptable to just blast the sound and not care about their surroundings at all.

Many airlines have prohibited the use of in-flight WiFi to make voice calls but it is practically impossible police as long as technology enables it. Technology provides can try blocking certain ports that are being used by these programs but users can always try using VPNs or route traffic around.


Finnair allows passengers to prepurchase champagne if seated in economy class. Perhaps that’s what these passengers had done?

The reader could have alerted the purser and asked if the behavior was something that Finnair explicitly prohibits. I have requested clarification from Finnair if their T&Cs do allow in-flight phone and video calls using FaceTime, Messenger or other programs and will post an update once I hear back from Finnair.

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