UPDATE: Alitalia & Italian Transportation Strikes On December 15, 2017


Last week, I wrote about strike activity brewing up in Italy again that makes next Friday challenging times trying to fly in/out from the country due to number of strikes that mostly ground Alitalia for the day. These strikes have now been confirmed

Alitalia Running Out Of Cash

Air traffic controllers are planning to strike for four hours, airport personnel providing services to airlines are striking for several hours, some transportation employees are striking for eight hours, some Ryanair and Vueling employees are planning to strike for few hours during the day, and finally most Alitalia employees are planning tor strike for the entire day.

ENAC has now released a list of flights that will operate for SURE and more information about the strikes and their times (only in Italian):

Download (PDF, 302KB)


Just wanted warn readers who might be traveling to/from/though Italy on 15th that it might be a rough travel day due to labor strike activity affecting all methods of transportation and especially Alitalia and to lesser extend also Ryanair and Vueling

There is no information currently on Alitalia’s website about this upcoming strike.

Remember that the airline is required by law (EC 261/2004) to provide duty to care such as accommodation and food (lunch/dinner/breakfast) in case of long delays and rebook affected passengers to their final destinations at their (passengers) earliest convenience. I would suggest trying to bypass Italy altogether if possible.

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