Fabulous Fridays: High Quality Bathroom Amenities Supplied In-Room By Hotels


This weeks Fabulous Fridays is a short review of high quality bathroom amenities (soaps) that you find in some hotels that go the extra mile.

Quality of bathroom soaps can vary greatly by chain and brand, yet it’s not a given to get a good shampoo just because you’re staying at an expensive 5 star hotel.

The selection of amenities at hotels can at times be rather strange and also depends heavily on the country you’re currently traveling in because you can find yourself at a five star hotel in North American and have rarely any amenities apart from some small bottles of shampoo. Then you go to a non-branded 3 star hotel in Japan and have a whole array of items from a hairbrush to dental care items.

I’m more particular about the soaps though, especially shampoo and body wash. Since I mostly visit the major chain hotels there are certain shampoo brands that you always come across and also some home branded ones such as Peter Thomas Roth at Hilton and Kenet M.D. at Hyatt. W Hotels are famous for using BLISS products though you can also purchase BLISS in regular retail.

Even if certain signatures brands exist, hotels are free to pick from an array of other brands too and so you see Aesop, Ferragamo, Le Labo and even L’Occitane from time to time (all examples from recent Hyatt stays).

The L’Occitane amenities pictured above were supplied – believe it or not – by the Grand Hyatt Shenyang, China where I stayed yesterday. That’s pretty impressive! Usually Grand Hyatt has June Jacobs as their run of the mill brand which isn’t bad but also no great. L’Occitance quality is very good and in fact I use their shampoo at home as well after starting to like it during my Four Seasons stays in the past.


I’ve got told several different versions from hotel managers in the past how they decide about the bathroom soaps and what the selection process entails including limitations by the brand supplier. One of them mentioned that a particular brand only allows/approves one hotel representation of their products per city. I was never able to confirm that so draw from that statement whatever you like. I just found it interesting and odd at the same time.

That being said I’m sure these branded items are certainly sponsored by the manufacturer and even though the hotels might not get them for free, at least there will be a preferential price.

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