UPDATE: Hilton Honors Now Allows Restoring Expired Points For Cash (Price Quarter Of A Cent)

On Wednesday, I wrote about (read more here) new facility that Hilton Honors had launched that allows members to restore points for cash that have recently expired. It was unclear at the time, however, at what price.

Hilton Honors Restore Your Points

Hilton Honors “Restore Your Points” allows members to reinstate up to 1,000,000 points that have expired over the past 18 months. The T&Cs state that this facility could be used only once.

You can access Hilton’s web page for restoring expired points here.

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Here’s a comment that a member left to the piece I wrote:

I’ve just rescued several thousand points I’d lost (6818 for $17.05).

The lowest price at which Hilton Honors sells points is at 0.5 cents per point. $17.05/6818 indicates that the price at which they allow members to restore points would be quarter of a cent each (0.25 cents)


Glad that reader came to the rescue and left the comment at which price they had restored some expired points. I find this price to be very plausible considering the price at which Hilton Honors sells points throughout the year.

Not sure if the Hilton Honors Customer Service still can restore expired points by having couple of stays within few months like they done for as long as I can recall.