Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Power Meltdown (Check Your Flight Schedules)

Atlanta Hartsfeld-Jackson the worlds busiest airport has been experiencing power outage that started at 1PM ET on Sunday that has lead to ground stop and international flights have been diverted to other airports.

Delta has issued travel waiver because it is unlikely at this point that any significant traffic will get through the airport today even if it gets reopened at some point this evening.

Here’s Delta’s travel waiver:

Delta Travel Waiver


It is obvious that something went terribly wrong. An airport size of Atlanta should have back up power sources in place to prevent chaos that has been going on since early afternoon. Apparently the control tower has been unaffected.

Passengers should consult their itineraries because it might take day or two after the airport is back up and running before Delta has all the aircraft and crews in right places.