Topbonus Partners With BMI Regional

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Juts last week, Topbonus announced that they had stroke a deal with German based airline Germania (read more here) and now they stroke a deal where members flying on bmi regional can credit fights to the program.

Topbonus BMI Regional

Members can credit bmi regional flights to Topbonus (surprise not able to redeem!) and earn 250 to 2,000 miles per flight depending of the fare class booked.

You can access Topbonus page for bmi regional here.

Here’s the number of miles earned for bmi regional flights:

Topbonus BMI Regional Earning


Topbonus still doesn’t make any sense considering the lack of redemption partners and completely lack of long term clarity or survival of the program that at least was 70% owned by the Etihad when it went into administration.

Now if only bmi regional would become Star Alliance affiliate and launch Diamond Club frequent flier program…..

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