Aegean Miles+Bonus Introduces Transfer & Gift Miles

Aegean Miles+Bonus launched ability for members to purchase miles earlier this year and then allowed Star Alliance awards to be booked online (read more here).

Aegean Miles+Bonus

Now, the airline is allowing members to transfer miles between accounts against payments and gift miles for others (basically purchase miles).

You can access Aegean’s web page for buying, sharing and gifting miles here.

Transfer Miles

  • You pay 1.5 euro cent per transferred mile and need to transfer in the blocks of 1,000
  • Member can transfer or receive up to 50,000 mile within period of 12 months

Gift Miles

  • Award miles can be gifed at 2.5 euro cent per mile in the blocks of 1,000.
  • Member can gift or receive up to 50,000 miles within period of 12 months.


Seems that someone at the Aegean’s Miles+Bonus loyalty program has woken up and is “copying” functions that other programs have had forever that some members may find useful.

The transfer miles only make sense if family member has some orphaned miles in his/her account that otherwise would go unused considering the price (very close to what one pays at the moment when buying with the bonus).

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